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Casual Sex Over 50 – 10 Useful Tips for Beginners

Being single means that you can experiment with your sex life, no matter how old you are. Although younger people are usually more often attracted to casual sex, because it provides us with the opportunity to learn from many partners, older people are also interested in no-strings-attached relationships.

Maybe these people also want to learn new stuff about sex, but the most common reason is the same both for younger and older people – pleasure.

Society imposes some rules when we grow up, so based on the common timeline it’s expected that people over 50 must be married and living in a happy family environment with their partner and children. Even if this is entirely acceptable, everybody has the right to choose their own faith, so if someone isn’t ready to settle down, age isn’t a reliable gauge for determining if someone can enjoy casual sex or not.

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1. Don’t be scared to sign up for some dating apps

The 21st century provided us with the opportunity to communicate in real time over the internet and to find perfect matches using various categories. Every dating app has search preferences concerning maximum distance, gender, age range, and location, which might be useful for finding a perfect match.

After you sign up for a dating app, you’ll realize that many people your age are looking for the same thing. When you find out that you are not the only one, everything will start developing more easily.

2. If you aren’t ready for the internet experience, go out and have fun

Although dating apps are not all that difficult to use, it’s understandable that middle-aged people prefer meeting partners in real life. As constantly looking at a cell phone or a computer is usually reserved for younger people, swiping through dating apps might be too boring for middle-aged people.

Grab your best clothes from the wardrobe, invite your friends and go out. You’ll be surprised by the number of middle-aged people at the nearest bar or nightclub. If you aren’t ready to accept the modern way of finding hookups, visiting nightclubs will never go out of fashion.

3. Embrace your age

Your age doesn’t matter, especially if you are trying to look good. As people over 50 tend to be deep into the married life and dress in bland and boring clothing, anyone who dresses with a bit of flare will stand out. If you feel young again and sexy, show your feelings to everyone! Wearing some sexy clothes and lingerie won’t kill you. Try to radiate positive energy, and you’ll attract suitable partners.

People over 50 must take extra precautions though. While young people can handle 24/7 parties without sleeping, middle-aged people should take some extra care to look fresh and nourished.

4. Don’t let your age harm your self-esteem

Being over 50 and ready for casual sex isn’t impropriate. If you are investing in your physical appearance continuously, and if your spirit is young, preferring relationships based on sex can help you get rid of stress and boost your self-esteem.

To feel better, ask your partners to guess how old you are, and the results will amaze you.

5. You can be young again

As younger people are attracted to casual sex because it allows them to gain some sexual experience, people over 50 have their reasons too. Moreover, the middle age crisis is frequently defined as a second puberty, so people over 50 have an excellent reason for seeking some action.

Women over 50 are mostly trying to experience everything they couldn’t before, since menopause is approaching, and on the other hand, men enjoy hitting the dating scene now that they’ve achieved financial freedom. Since this is a natural process and hormones are accumulating, like kids in puberty, people over 50 usually do stuff they didn’t get a chance to before.

6. The teenage experience without the possibility of getting pregnant

Teenagers and young people in college are often scared of casual sex because there is always the possibility of getting pregnant. Although the use of protection is implied, a condom might break and, nine months later, the worst nightmare of teenage pregnancy can start.

Since chances that middle-aged women can get pregnant are low, you can relax and enjoy casual sex thoroughly.

7. Forget about rules established by society

Single people over 50 are open for new sexual experiences, but after 20 to 30 years of marriage, people aren’t ready to admit that they need some action too. It doesn’t have to mean that all married people would like to try some casual sex, but many of them fantasize about it.

Although fantasizing about an exciting fling isn’t exactly cheating, people are still scared that they’ll lose their partners only because they are interested in trying something new. Many of them manage to refresh their sexual life but a lot of people end up getting a divorce and getting back in the game.

As society judges people over 50 for having sex with strangers no matter if they are married, divorced or even widows, casual sex over 50 is still a taboo. Don’t let this get to you and just try to have fun while subverting people’s expectations.

8. Don’t be afraid to hook up with a younger partner

Society has completely accepted the age difference between older men and up to 15 years younger women, but noticing older women with a decade younger man always surprises people, especially in smaller environments.

If you are a middle-aged woman ready to have some fun and get rid of stress, you should try to hook up with a younger man. Some people will probably judge you if someone spots you in public with your younger partner, but don’t be afraid to experience new things and move on.

9. Appreciate all the experience you’ve earned

Being over 50 doesn’t make you old, but experienced. You are old enough to share your sexual experience but young enough to learn and gain some extra knowledge.

Since you had a chance to change a lot of partners, or to try a lot of different stuff with only one partner, now is the time to remember everything you have done and use it to improve your sexual life. You’ll probably meet experienced partners too, so things will be much more exciting than when you were young and didn’t know what you were doing or what you wanted.

When two grown people decide to have an adventure, satisfaction is guaranteed.

10. Behave according to your age

It’s clear that you are experiencing a second youth, but you are over 50, so behave according to your age. Your potential hookups won’t be enthusiastic if you behave like you are 20 years old. Since you are a mature and responsible person, try to highlight your mature attitude. That way, you’ll attract only suitable partners. Keep in mind that you don’t have time to waste, and enjoy every moment.

One more piece of advice

Do only what makes you comfortable but don’t be afraid to try something new. You have one life, so use it the best you know!